Sebastien Poitevin – Groupes de notes Part 1

Type : Cours batterie
Artiste : Sebastien Poitevin
Titre : Groupes de notes Part 1
Niveau : Débutant
Exercices : 22

22 exercises with videos and working sequences.

This first part on note grouping is applied on a flow of sixteenth notes. The groups worked on go from 3 to 8 notes.
In this course, I also use some coordination by adding 1 or 2 bass drum strokes at the beginning or at the end of a group.
I don’t impose any sticking pattern, the idea being that the sentence be as natural as possible, without thinking about it, to gain in fluidness and memorisation.
When I give a sticking pattern, I intend it for a right-hand drummer, a left-hand one will reverse… or not 😉
Any note group can be swapped for another group so as to create your own combinations.

Exercise contents
– The group: it is the coordination used in the exercise. It should be worked on slowly, without a metronome to make it as smooth as possible.
– In the bar: result of the group in the flow of sixteenth notes.
– Info: Remarks on the way of working on the note group.
– Videos: Each exercise is played at 3 different speeds (50 bpm, 80 bpm, 110 bpm). First on snare drum then I propose ideas on toms. At the end, I play on the 110 bpm sequence.
– Working sequences: I have composed 3 working sequences (50 bpm, 80 bpm, 110 bpm) to help you place the exercises in a musical context. They last 5 minutes. On the 50 bpm and 80 bpm sequences, you can play a beat bar + an exercise bar. On the 110 bpm sequence, you can play 3 beat bars + one exercise bar.

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